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  • Lead Generation Platform

    Single digital platform for deploying, managing and tracking digital strategies and leads in real-time through API integrations with Facebook, Google and Twitter.

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  • Lead Management Platform

    Work flow management platform for engaging consumers across all phases of the patient journey, and optimizing funnel conversion performance.

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  • Measurable Growth

    Service and technology-enabled targeting to adapt and optimize for optimal program performance with maximum patient conversion.

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Who We Are

Clariture is a data-driven healthcare digital marketing technology platform for executing and optimizing search, social and mobile campaigns in order to obtain maximum patient acquisition across strategic service lines.

Our Services

Clariture provides our clients the most efficient and effective ways to place paid advertising on digital channels and then directs consumers to highly-engaging campaign landing pages. Once the campaign is launched, Clariture provides clients with real-time optimizations and lead engagement tools to maximize conversions.

Our Value

We believe in keeping it simple to drive the most value to you and your digital marketing strategies. Therefore, we have a straightforward partnership where:


All of the tools you need to successfully launch a strategy and drive conversions. FROM STRATEGY AND SUPPORT SERVICES, TO CONTENT, TO LANDING PAGES, TO DIGITAL HEALTH ASSESSMENTS, it's just what we do to ensure you maximize your returns.

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    Hospitals, Clinics, Health Service Providers

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    Avg. Return on Investment

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    Active Campaigns

How we are different

We approach digital marketing for hospitals and health service providers with an analytical mindset, studying and applying data-driven insights to continually optimize our clients’ campaigns and ensure they meet or exceed their strategic goals.

We deploy strategic digital search engine marketing and paid social media campaigns that yield the best return on investment.



Who we partner with

Clariture is agnostic of healthcare marketing service providers and is partnered with multiple marketing automation systems, CRMs, and online scheduling tools. We have experience building API integrations with many of these partners to ensure our clients have accurate data for tracking, ROI measurement, and remarketing.

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Call Centers
  • Content Management Systems
  • Email Service Providers
  • Digital Agencies
  • Online Scheduling
  • Marketing Automation
  • Health Risk Assessment

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