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Clariture’s Leadership

Our leadership team brings a diverse background to support our unique approach to digital marketing. Our innovative perspective is driven from our team’s experience with previous healthcare executive leadership and outside of industry digital, marketing and analytics expertise.

  • Devin Carty

    Co-Founder & Chairman

  • Jeff Snyder

    Co-Founder & President

  • Amy Sundock

    Head of Customer Success

  • Ryan Pryor

    Head of Ad Operations

  • Brian Williams

    Head of Technology


Making hospitals stronger through patient acquisition via digital marketing.

Clariture is headquartered with our operations, client success and sales teams in Nashville, TN, and with our platform technology development team in San Francisco, CA.

Founded in October 2013, Clariture was built out of a desire to use technology to create an evidence-based approach to identify the most efficient and effective way to digitally market to healthcare consumers within search, social, and display channels. To test the effectiveness of digital advertising, the leaders of Vanguard Health System deployed a research initiative to study each keyword used and keyword terminology used to create the most conversions, tested the most effective ad content and creative, and studied the optimal social audiences used to create the most net new leads. The outcome of this research helped identify highly-qualified leads while simultaneously lowering the cost of each new lead. From this, Clariture was born.

We know healthcare. Which is why our focus is solely on the healthcare industry. Clariture was built by healthcare marketers who understand the unique challenges faced by healthcare marketers. This alignment, along with putting the needs of the client first, has allowed Clariture to create the most efficient and effective turn-key, service line-based, digital marketing solution for healthcare systems.

Newly formed parent company, Trilliant Health, will focus on assembling a syndicate of best-in-class technology, data, and marketing solutions to deliver market-specific and patient-level intelligence that helps hospitals find, attract, and retain commercially insured patients. Today, Trilliant Health is starting by bringing together Clariture and Aegis. With Aegis’ focus on fostering profitable employer and physician relationships and Clariture’s ability to reach consumers by executing and optimizing service line-based digital marketing campaigns, Trilliant Health is bringing together the perfect portfolio of companies to help healthcare systems grow.


Under Trilliant, Clariture and Aegis are united by a single purpose: to make hospitals stronger.



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