Success Stories

Five Hospital System

Southeastern Health System

Facing a competitive threat with Orthopedic Physicians leaving for competitor, the health system was looking for a new way to connect with high value patients. Having previously used traditional marketing channels (CRM, Mass Media, Print, etc), they wanted reach high value patients digitally and partnered with Clariture to help.


  • TIME FRAME: 12 months
  • INVESTMENT: $75,000
  • NET NEW LEADS: 428
  • NEW CONVERSION: 30 Total Joint Procedures
  • ROI: 8x Contribution Margin Return on Marketing Investment

Digital Marketing Effectiveness

Rural vs. Urban Markets

A national health system with a variety of facilities in rural and urban settings wanted to study the effectiveness of digital marketing with smaller budgets in contrasting markets to determine if further investment across the system would demonstrate measurable ROI.


  • TIME FRAME: Less than 90 days
  • INVESTMENT: Less than $4,000 per location
  • NET NEW LEADS: 300+
  • NEW CONVERSION: $21.50
  • ROI: In Process