Lead Conversion Tools

Digital Health Assessments

After building early stage consumer awareness and interest, it is critical to offer opportunities for engaging content to motivate action. Based on our analysis, we have discovered that early-stage conversion is optimized by offering Digital Health Assessments tied to risk or awareness surveys.

We have built clinically-relevant and clinically-reviewed Digital Health Assessments that provide our clients with highly-engaging early touch point Calls-to-Action (CTA) that offer the consumer evaluation criteria on their risk level or readiness, while also capturing valuable lead information for further follow up or nurturing.

The Digital Health Assessments have been built with the digital consumer in mind, offering a responsive and optimized mobile experience. The Digital Health Assessment tool provides consumers a weighted score evaluation within a 1-2 minute interaction.

With the use of the Digital Health Assessment tools, Service Line leaders receive real-time response data and content to ensure follow up contact is relevant to the consumer’s need or risk. We have built Digital Health Assessments to specific disease states and service lines.

Conversion Based Landing Pages

Compelling Calls-to-Action (CTA) require engagement tools that support consumer conversion and seamless data collection. Based on our data, we have identified some of the core design and experience elements that maximize conversion opportunities and provide your patients with the support they need to engage with your program’s Call-to-Action.

Studying the engagement factors for healthcare consumers, we have built conversion-focused landing pages to meet the unique visual appeals and needs of targeted Patient Personas™ and Service Line strategies. We also provide the technical web tracking tools necessary to capture the attribution details for campaign success evaluation and further optimization based on consumer activity.