Lead Generation Platform


Build and launch powerful high and low funnel ads in real time using our data-driven Patient Personas™ to effectively target the right audience in the best digital channels.

The Clariture platform allows you to utilize the intelligence and optimization of the Patient Personas™ to target your ads powerfully with a single click. Our direct API integrations with the best digital channels allow you to create compelling messages, upload engaging creative, and integrate Calls-to Action (CTA) all within a single platform.


Monitor and review critical program performance metrics in real-time using our Executive Summary, Reporting Dashboard and Analytics tools.

The Clariture platform allows you to quickly and easily discover program effectiveness by visually demonstrating comprehensive and channel-specific engagement, conversions and spend. Our platform flexibility allows leaders to customize the delivery of their key strategy performance with an online dashboard or executive summary reports pushed conveniently to their email inbox.


Ensure optimal program performance by using our Analytics tools to evaluate key metrics over time by channel or across all program strategy channels.

The Clariture platform offers marketers the ability to discover trends, seasonal impacts, performance spikes or declines, and respond in real time by adjusting program channel, reach or spend.


Visualize real program impact through our comparative Growth Strategy Top Performing Ad tool.

The Clariture platform provides a simplified view to demonstrate real time strategy impact in one view offering performance metrics and previews of the targeting criteria and ad creative to be able to easily identify best practices.